Woman, 30, Who Went on 164 First Dates in 2 Years Reveals How She Eventually Met Her Husband

A woman who went on 164 first dates in two years told how she met her husband.

The 30-year-old unidentified dating expert turned to Reddit to provide her advice on meeting the man of your dreams through online dating.


She described how she treated her hunt for her ideal mate as a “job,” putting in “150 percent effort.”

Taking to the AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit, the woman provided dating advice and how she knew date 164 was the one.


The woman began by stating that she had spent her entire twenties in two long-term partnerships.


However, after both of those didn’t work out, she turned to dating apps in hopes of finding the love of her life.


‘I gave it 150 percent effort and treated it like a job. It was a two-year whirlwind of love, lust, disappointment, hope, frustration, insecurity, confidence, and general exhaustion. Thankfully, first date #164 eventually became my husband,’ she said.


The dating pro noted that she ‘meticulously’ tracked each date she went on.


At the end of the post, she added: ‘Ask me anything about the dating blitz or my weird tracking habits.’


In the comments section, she dove into some of her dating tips.

She began by sharing how others could ace first dates.


‘First date tips: Ask. Don’t get stuck texting back and forth forever. Bonus points if you can slip it in in a creative or smooth way, like “Sounds like [X, in response to what she’s just said]. Maybe you can tell me more about it over a drink this week?”


‘On the date, ask questions. You would not believe how many guys show 0 interest in actually getting to know things about your life.


‘Be aware of your body language. Smile, lean in, make expressions while she’s talking to show you’re actively listening. Shorter first dates! Dinners are too big of a commitment. Drink, walk, picnic, event,’ she advised

Her last tip for putting your best foot forward on a first date is to be honest about how you feel about the person, make sure to compliment them, and make plans for a second date.

While on dating apps, she suggested people should try to go on dates as fast as possible and avoid becoming ‘pen pals.’

She also detailed the worst first date she had ever been on.

‘Usually, within a couple minutes of meeting someone, you can tell if there’s any connection between you. Just a brief interaction says more about their energy and how they carry themselves than hundreds of text messages.

‘Unfortunately, getting that clarity at the very start of a date doesn’t mean you can just up and leave. One time, I’d agreed to dinner for a first date (unlike me — usually I’d go for a drink or meet at a park where you can be in and out faster). I tried to ask him questions to get the conversation flowing, and he acted too smart and too sophisticated for any topic I brought up.


‘Mind you, this man did not ask me a single question about myself. Service was slow, so we were sitting there together for 2.5 painful hours. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. When he said he’d like to see the dessert menu at the end… I was dying inside,’ she revealed.


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