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Nigerian Lady Weds Romanian Man After 12 Years of Searching for Love on Dating Apps

A Nigerian lady identified as Amaka Robert has gotten married to Petrica Robert, her Romanian partner — five months after meeting him on a dating app.

Amaka took to Instagram to share her marital journey with Petrica, who is based in the UK.

She said the duo met on March 5 after they both matched on Bumble app. She said the development happened at about the same time when she planned to delete the dating app.

The lady added that her father had initially frowned at her relationship with Petrica but later gave consent when “his mind was at peace”.

“March 5, 2023, I met my Romanian but UK-based husband on a dating App,” she wrote.

“I had almost given up and was about to delete the app when he liked my profile. We matched and I said ‘hello’ and that was how it all started.

“2 weeks later, he met with my parents virtually… asked for traditional marriage rites lists.

“My dad hesitated at first cause he was still in doubt if he was real or not because I have had lots of terrible experiences with men who came to meet my parents for my hand in marriage but later turned out to be either married or playboys.

“So my dad was very skeptical about this… but being a pastor, he asked for some time to pray about it which he did and his mind was at peace.

“He sent the list and my husband (then my online boyfriend) sent the money for everything on the list including my bride price. This was done after his parents met with my parents for a virtual introduction.

“Fast forward to August 4, 2023, he came down to Nigeria from the UK for the very first time… I was too shy to hug him properly because my parents went with me to the airport to pick him up.

“Then August 5, we had our court wedding and August 12, we did both the traditional and church wedding. His parents could not attend physically because of his dad’s health.

“But they followed it all through virtually as it was transmitted live for them to watch.

“It was the happiest day of my life, getting married to the man whom God used to take away all the name-calling, mockery, and tears I was experiencing as a 37-year-old unmarried single lady!”

In a follow-up post, Amala, 37, said she has been searching for love on different dating apps since the age of 25.

“For those asking for the Dating App where I met my husband… is called Bumble!…. But that’s not the only dating app where you can meet your soulmate…. I have been on dating sites since I was 25 years old!” she wrote.

“Being someone who doesn’t really mingle or socialise, I found it hard meeting guys the conventional way…so I opted for dating sites and apps.”


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