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REVEALED: Why Ghanaian Counselor Charlotte Left Her Matrimonial Home More Than Six Times

Charlotte Oduro, a well-known Ghanaian marriage counselor, has revealed some of the difficulties she has had in her marriage, despite the fact that she advises couples on marital issues.

According to her, her husband’s communication style made her stay at home uncomfortable, prompting her to seek other possibilities for her peace of mind.

She stated that her husband, Apostle Solomon Oduro, treated her consistently in terms of communication, forcing her to leave her matrimonial house with her children and dwell with her brother.

Counselor Charlotte Oduro discussed her marital difficulties in an interview with Abeiku Santana on United Television (UTV).

“With the number of times I have left home, it will be more than six times. When I leave, I don’t go to my mother’s or family’s house because I don’t want them to be worried. I stay with my younger brother, who lives in an apartment, and I go with my kids to take care of them and return later,” she said.

When she was quizzed on why she took such action, she retorted, “I leave because I feel I am a problem to him in the house because he always complains about my attitude. His apology is not necessary for me, but the problem is when we can’t communicate. Sometimes when we are communicating, he acts like I am a torment to him, but he won’t say it.”

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