50% Of Women In A Relationship Have A Back-up Partner – Study

1. Study finds if women in a relationship have back-up partners

We are often advised to have a back-up plan for everything in life, in case whatever plans we have do not work out. It seems women are taking this advice very seriously because as per a survey conducted by OnePoll, a survey-led marketing research company specialising in online and mobile polling, 50 per cent of women in a relationship have a plan for a back-up partner in their mind in case the current relationship doesn’t work out and they head for a break-up. Read on to know more about the report that was published in Mail Online.

2. The back-up person is mostly an old friend

Around 1,000 women from the UK participated in the survey and almost 50 per cent of the participants, both married as well as unmarried women, admitted to having a back-up plan or person to fall back on in case, they separated from the current partner. A substantial number of participants stated that their back-up person is most likely to be an old friend who had romantic feelings for the concerned woman in the past.

3. He can also be an ex-boyfriend, colleague etc.

Other participants of the survey also stated that their back-up person can be anyone—a colleague, ex-husband, school friend or a man she met at the gym. What is important is that the person has to be someone whom she has known for a long time and who would be ‘ready and waiting’ to be with her when the need arises.

4. A person who would drop everything for her

Around 10 per cent of women (one out of ten) who participated in the study stated that their plan B revolved around a man who might have at some point of time confessed his feelings for her and five per cent of the women participants were confident that the person would ‘drop everything’ to be with her when required.

5. Are their current partners aware of it?

What came as a big surprise is most of the participants shared that their other half or the current partner knows and is aware of the ‘third person’ although the partner has no idea about the ‘back-up’ plan. One in four women participants said her current partner has met the third person (plan B), and a surprising number of 20 per cent women (one in five) revealed her partner or husband is friends with the other man in her life.

6. ?It is a ‘worrying sign’

A spokesperson of the research company called the findings as a ‘worrying sign’ and said social media sites have made it easier for women to stay in touch with an old flame. However, it’s too early to raise the alarm because this was not an all-inclusive study because only 1,000 women from the UK participated in the poll.

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