Women Are To Blame For Being ‘Used And Dumped’ – Says Herbal Doctor

Herbal doctor and sex coach, Kofi Karikari Peprah, also known as Doctor KK claims that only 10% of the love that people find is genuine and women are more to blame for this.

According to him, there are two types of love, which are genuine love and pleasure love. Out of these, 90% of the time, what people claim to find is just pleasure love and there’s just 10% of genuine love. He said this during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s In Bed With Adwen.

Explaining how women are to blame for this, he mentioned that, “Most women do not wear decent dresses. They wear clothes exposing their thighs and drawing out their stature so much that when a man sees these women, he is not looking at her character but the sexy body that is shaking in the dress”.

He furthered that this is what we mostly term as infatuation and this can be observed in how the man relates to the woman right after they have met.

“You’ll realize that when he proposes to you, in no time, his hands will be all over your body, touching parts that he shouldn’t be touching”, he added.

Doctor KK advised that women should make it a point to dress well and possibly desist from wearing too much makeup so that men do not propose love to them and dump them afterwards when that feature they got attracted to, is no more.

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