7 Signs Your Partner is Faithful and Loyal

Knowing that your partner is faithful and loyal enhances the beauty of love. Nobody wants to be in a relationship and be insecure, not knowing if the person they love loves them back and does not take their love for granted.

According to Dr. Callisto Adams, a marriage and family therapist, there is a distinction between being faithful and loyal.

According to Dr. Callisto, many people use the terms loyal and faithful interchangeably, and being loyal is linked to their actions and morals. And someone who is faithful is someone who is dependable and uses his actions and morals to positively influence you.

“Loyalty is one-sided, whereas faithfulness is both-sided. It means that a person can be loyal, but when they want to be faithful, they will do it, having you in mind.

Callisto shares 7 signs your partner is faithful to you

They communicate and don’t cross boundaries

To be faithful in a relationship means being open and vulnerable and respecting one another’s boundaries. They don’t cross your boundaries.

Not crossing boundaries while dating or in a relationship can mean two things. They respect your wishes regarding having sex or taking the relationship to another level. More specifically, they continue to be a part of your life in the best way possible.

They keep their promises

When a partner keeps their word and promises, it is a sign of loyalty. Even in a long-distance relationship, keeping minor promises greatly affects the bond between you two.

Consistent with their actions

Effort and assurance are two main signs that might complete the picture of loyalty and faithfulness. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might face a lot of ups and downs. But, if your partner manages to treat you with respect and their behaviour doesn’t change a lot during this time, this might indicate faithfulness.

They make sure not to impact you negatively

One aspect that you should check when it comes to whether they are loyal or not is how he interacts with you. A faithful partner will try to find the middle ground even when you fight.

They want to connect on a deeper level

When a partner is loyal and faithful, they will want to connect with you emotionally, not just physically. They are faithful if they value you more for your soul and not just for your body [and looks]. Your discussions are deeper, and things like his morals and standards are important to talk about.

They don’t try to act mysteriously or hide things from you

When your partner is an open book, it is a sign of faithfulness. They are transparent with you about their life outside dating. They will inform you about their whereabouts and who they are with.

They protect your mental health

Many people might talk about how mental health and faithfulness are unrelated. Well, to the core of it all, they are closely related. They care about your well-being, meaning he puts effort into impacting you positively and evolving the relationship.

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