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Why Rwanda Suspended Kenyan Drug

A recall of antifungal medications made in Kenya has been announced by Rwandan health authorities because of safety concerns.

Importers are required to return all batches of 200 mg Fluconazole tablets made by the Kenyan business Universal Corporation, according to a directive from the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA).

Retailers and medical facilities are advised to stop selling the impacted medications and send them back.

Following notification of the discoloration of the tablets to the Kenyan producer, the RFDA took action. Shortly after their shelf life started, four large batches of pink Fluconazole 200 mg tablets that were imported into Rwanda showed signs of discoloration.

A portion of these discolored tablets had already made their way onto the Rwandan market, the organization stressed. Rwandan health officials are starting an inquiry to find out if users of these medications have experienced any negative side effects.

Authorities in Kenya have not yet stated if the antifungal medication, which is frequently used to treat yeast or fungal infections, will likewise be pulled off the local market.

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