Rwanda Says It Kills Congolese Soldier, Arrests Two More

Rwanda announced on Tuesday that it had stopped an incursion by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) soldiers, resulting in the killing of one and the capture of two more along their shared border.

According to the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), Congolese forces entered Rwandan territory near Rubavu town. During a confrontation with a patrol, one soldier was killed while attempting to open fire, and the other two were caught.

The RDF stated that the arrested soldiers possessed an AK-47 rifle, four magazines loaded with 105 rounds of ammo, a protective vest, and cannabis sachets.

The situation illustrates the fragility of the border region and the difficulties both countries face in preserving stability. As tensions remain high, diplomatic measures will be critical in preventing further escalation and promoting cordial relations between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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