Africa’s Top 10 Safest Countries Revealed

Several African governments have made laudable attempts to remove damaging preconceptions while also promoting stability and safety through crime eradication. This beneficial development not only raises the level of living for people, but also makes these countries more appealing to tourists, investors, and foreign specialists.

This was emphasized in Numbero’s latest crime index and safety score. According to Numbeo, one of the world’s most comprehensive data and research platforms, Rwanda and Ghana are among the safest countries in the world, with low crime rates and excellent safety scores.

Numbeo’s crime Index takes into account survey responses about the general perception of crime levels, survey responses from residents and visitors regarding their feelings of safety while walking during daylight and at night, survey about concerns about mugging, robbery, car theft, physical attacks by strangers, harassment in public places, and discrimination based on factors like skin color, ethnicity, gender, or religion, assessment of the extent of property-related

Its safety ranking contrasts sharply with its crime index. A high safety index indicates that the city is very safe.

Numbeo’s Crime Index relies on user-contributed data and may not align with official government numbers.

RankCountrySafety index


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