What is Social Media Audit and Why Do You Need it?

As social media has matured and become more complicated, social media audits have increased in popularity and become more necessary.

Due to the tremendous amount of time, skills, budget and human resources it takes to master social marketing today, it is smart for you as a business owner to conduct a social media audit before deciding on marketing budgets. This helps you to pinpoint where your investment is going and assess whether it’s delivering the best results.

This post covers those key issues you might be looking for answers to, while a little investment in social media audit will help you solve.

Read on, to discover😊

1. It gives you feedback about your content with insights into what to modify and why.

A social media audit provides valuable feedback about your content and helps you see what works.

Social media conversions are the metrics that tell you that you succeeded in getting people to do what you wanted them to do.
a social media audit will pinpoint areas for improvement and help you discover the path to more conversions: reach more people, get higher engagement, and increase leads and appointments.

2. Gives you an insight into opportunities that generate leads:

With a social media audit, you’ll be able to analyze current tactics and get strategies to explore, if you are running ads.
If you’re not running ads, then the audit will provide the steps to promote content, increase engagement and drive leads to your website.

3. Gives you the smart competition strategy:

Competition is a good thing. It helps us do our best. It’s helpful to know why your customers choose you rather than your competitor.

In a social media audit, you tend to assess how your competitors are using social media, you get to see their weaknesses and this gives you a distinct advantage. This will help you to know the areas to concentrate on in order to attract more customers.

4. Helps you discover the “leaky sales funnels”:

A social media audit helps you examine how, where and when you’re losing people in your social sales funnel, hence it would be easier to know the strategy to employ in amending it.

5. Helps you measure your success:

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are integral to social media success. You’ll achieve goals quicker by defining what they are to you specifically.

Social media ROI is achieved when goals are set, results are measured and tied back to your goals. A social media audit will provide KPI’s to track and measure your results.

Often times, the fact that we are not seeing results doesn’t mean that a system is not working, it might just be that the strategy should be reviewed. Investing in social media audit could be a great way to solving some of your social media marketing issues.

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