How To Use Press Release In Promoting Your Business

Press Release is a written communication that reports information about an event, circumstance, product launch, or other happenings, in a specific but brief way. It’s typically tied to a business or organization and provided to media through a variety of means.

Press releases can be written, recorded or even shown – the form doesn’t matter as long as it’s effective. It is a tool made to announce something that is newsworthy in the most objective way possible.

Press releases are a popular way for websites or businesses to get immediate exposure for their product or service. They are an effective and affordable method to promote your business and get your message out to the right audience.

As a business owner, the different ways you can make use of  press releases for your business include:

  • To notify the media about an event around your business, in hopes that they will spread the word.
  • To share something about your business, hoping a reporter will see a story in your press release and write an actual news article about it.
  • To promote your business’ appearance on the internet via blogs, websites, and social networks.

    Why is Press Release so important for business?

    Although there are so many arguments about whether PR is still an effective way of marketing, however, we will share with you some of the benefits  Press releases can offer your brand/business.

  • Gives you immediate exposure to an established audience
  • It is Affordable
  • Potential increase in sales
  • Major SEO benefits
  • Increased web traffic to your website
  • Social sharing potential
  • Builds a working relationship with PR firm
  • Possibility for return customers
  • Helps you establish a new marketing channel
  • Provides authenticity to your brand

    Tips for Writing a Press Release 

    Writing a press release could be easy, however, it could be at the same time tricky, hence you must understand Its structure. let’s check out some of these tips you’ll need in writing a good press release.

  • The press release is supposed to be kept simple and short, easy to read, preferably, copy and paste format. 
  •  Begin with the name of the city where your press release originates from and the current date.
  • It should include an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Always write in the third person, sharing riveting information from an outsider’s perspective (as the media would).If your information isn’t riveting, take a step back. Maybe there’s something you can add to your event or announcement that will make it more interesting. Of course, that “something” has to happen. You can’t mention that an A-list celebrity will show up when you know full well they won’t. Linking your press release to a current trend or timely occurrence in the news can also grab attention.
  • Make your storyline interesting and attention-grabbing, You don’t want to lose your reader with the first sentence, (Tip? make your event interesting, to avoid a boring press release).
  • A press release should not be a mere recitation of facts. Effective press releases always employ quotes from someone significant to the company or event—a corporate executive or a representative from the charity benefiting from the event, for example. But quotes in press releases are seldom a verbatim rendition of what a personage actually said. Instead, they are usually an idealized version of a statement—what that person should have said—that pushes the press release’s agenda. They act as a rhetorical device to raise the interest level.

In conclusion, As you can see there are some serious advantages of a press release which can have a positive impact on your business and brand. It’s important you must make your press release stand out for you to get coverage and grab your target audience attention.

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