Twin Brothers Make History as First and Only Black-Owned Battery Brand Being Sold on Amazon

Marcus and Markee Baskerville, twin brothers and VoltCell founders, are making history by owning the first and only Black-owned battery brand available on Amazon. This historic event represents a huge step forward for diversity and representation in the battery sector.

VoltCell’s unwavering dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit, superior product quality, and community empowerment will, ideally, earn national recognition as the brand gains traction. VoltCell’s high-performance batteries are available for purchase on Amazon’s website.

“This time is a moment of immense pride and joy for the VoltCell team. Being the first black-owned battery company on Amazon is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our ability to never give up. It is an honor to represent diversity and provide customers with a diverse choice for their battery needs,” stated Marcus Baskerville, Co-Founder of VoltCell.

Customers from all over the country will be able to access and support a black-owned business that prioritizes producing high-quality products thanks to VoltCell’s presence on Amazon. Customers have another alternative for their regular power demands thanks to the company’s batteries.

Markee expressed gratitude for the journey, stating, “We are grateful for God’s blessings through this process to get to where we are now. This achievement would not have been possible without me and my brother’s belief in VoltCell’s mission to make a positive impact.”

Customers receive access to a varied choice of batteries, including AA, AAA, 9V, and more, thanks to VoltCell’s inclusion on Amazon, while also contributing to the promotion of sustainability and diversity in the business sector.

VoltCell welcomes everyone to join in celebrating this milestone and promoting diversity and sustainable business practices. The company is still dedicated to making a difference and creating new standards in the battery market.

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