Top 10 Least Populous African Countries as of Early 2024

While the consequences of overpopulation frequently dominate demographic discussions in Africa, the benefits of having a low population are sometimes overlooked. Low population density has specific advantages for promoting sustainable development, improving quality of life, and encouraging environmental stewardship. It also simplifies governance.

A low population density is frequently associated with cheaper housing costs, reduced congestion, and more affordable facilities, not to mention less pollution.

It is widely acknowledged that low population growth presents issues in the economic, social, and environmental realms due to a shortage of human capital. However, a low population creates chances for a close-knit ecosystem of innovation, sustainability, and communal resilience.

It streamlines administration because a smaller throng is easier to manage. A sparse population also allows for a more free and equitable economic distribution.

The complex effects of this demographic shift can be seen in thriving African economies like Cape Verde and Mauritania.

Some of Africa’s most successful countries have a small population. With that said, here are the ten African countries with the lowest population at the start of 2024.

This list was prepared by WorldPopulationReview, an independent for-profit company that provides current global population data and demographics.

Here are the ten African countries with the lowest population at the beginning of 2024.

RankCountryPopulationGlobal rank
2.Sao Tome and Principe235,137187th
3.Western Sahara593,408172nd
4.Cape Verde601,973171st
9.Equatorial Guinea1,738,819152nd
10.Guinea Bissau2,178,487148th

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