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10 African Cities with the Best Healthcare Systems in 2024

There is an evident dedication to bridging the gap and making healthcare services more accessible.

In several African cities, for example, attempts have been made to address the scarcity of healthcare staff through training programmes and educational initiatives.

Modern hospitals with cutting-edge technology are increasingly common in major cities, providing inhabitants with high-quality medical care.

Numbeo, a platform that provides up-to-date information about the cost of living, quality of life, and numerous socioeconomic characteristics across cities and countries globally, revealed in an updated Health Index study that African cities are performing well in this regard.

Cape Town, South Africa, leads the way with the most robust healthcare system in Africa. Pretoria, South Africa, and Nairobi, Kenya, are not far behind.

The Health Care Index is an estimate of the healthcare system’s overall quality, taking into account elements such as healthcare professionals, equipment, personnel, doctors, and expenditures. It assesses the healthcare infrastructure, services, and resources available in a given location.

RankCountryHealthcare indexGlobal rank
1Cape Town, South Africa68.778th
2Pretoria, South Africa66.7109th
3Nairobi, Kenya61.6155th
4Johannesburg, South Africa60.5163rd
5Durban, South Africa59.0169th
6Algiers, Algeria56.8180th
7Tunis, Tunisia56.7182nd
8Lagos, Nigeria47.5212nd
9Cairo, Egypt46.1213rd
10Casablanca, Morocco44.8215th

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