Malawi Lifts Visa Restrictions for 79 Countries to Boost Tourism

Malawi has lifted visa requirements on visitors from 79 countries in an effort to encourage tourism and trade in the country.

According to the BBC, Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhałe has eliminated visa restrictions for people of the UK, China, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, France, and other countries.

In an effort to ease the current shortage of foreign currency, Malawi’s government has designated these nations as critical source markets for international tourists and business travelers.

Citizens of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) are likewise exempt from visa requirements.

The exemption applies to countries that do not require visas for Malawian citizens.

The modifications also make exclusions for select categories, such as diplomats and government personnel, as well as nations with which Malawi has mutual exchange arrangements for multiple entry visas.

Multiple entry visas in Malawi can now be valid for up to 12 months, according to revised visa requirements.

“This monumental decision isn’t just about visas; it’s about unleashing our beloved Malawi’s untapped potential and inviting the world to witness its wonders firsthand,” Tourism Minister Vera Kamtukule told local media.

The British embassy in Malawi encouraged its citizens to take advantage of the relaxed visa restrictions and visit a variety of popular tourist destinations in the southern African country.

Countries across Africa recognize the necessity of reducing long-standing barriers, such as trade tariffs and visa prohibitions, that have hampered intra-continental relations.

Malawi has now joined the increasing list of countries reducing visa requirements on the continent. Ghana announced intentions to allow visa-free entrance for all African visitors by the end of 2024.

Only 5 out of 52 African countries offer complete visa-free entrance, despite 48 countries granting visa-free travel to citizens of other African countries.

Currently, only Seychelles, Gambia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Benin allow Africans to visit without a visa.

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