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Seychelles: Vaccinations Target Tourism Sector Then General Public

Most frontline medical and essential workers in Seychelles have received the COVID-19 vaccine and efforts will now move to tourism employees, said a top official.

Two new vaccination centres opened on the main island of Mahe on Tuesday to allow people from the tourism industry to get their jabs. By next week the vaccination campaign will be opened to the general population.

As of Wednesday, over 12,000 vaccinations were administered on the island nation in a campaign launched on January 10, by the head of state Wavel Ramkalawan who was first to take the vaccine.

The programme manager of the Public Health Authority, Juliette Henderson, told SNA that the aim “today is to vaccinate as many people working at the frontline so that we can move on with the programme to the wider population.”

“In terms of numbers, we aim to vaccinate around 70 percent of the population. Most people working in government essential places have been vaccinated. Today we expect people working directly in the tourism-related field such as those in hotels,” explained Henderson.

The vaccinations are taking place at different centres on the three most populated islands of Seychelles — Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

SNA stopped at one of the centres in the district of Beau Vallon, on the northern side of the main island to get the views of those taking the vaccine.

Elda Loze, 28, said that from day one when she heard about the possibility of a vaccine and after hearing the death of many people around the world, she wanted to take it.

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