South African Lady Narrates How Her Friend Supported Her Boyfriend After He Ra-ped Me

A South African lady, Bonggii Sibeko, has narrated how her ‘friend’ took her boyfriend’s side after he allegedly ra ped her.


“In Nov, my boyfriend held me down against the bed, strangled me and forced himself on me. He said he didn’t think he did anything wrong because I only asked him to stop 4 times. My ‘friend’ invited him to her apartment to comfort him and hear his side of the story,” she narrated on January 1, 2024.


She even went as far as going to pack my stuff up at his apartment so that he “didn’t have to deal with the trauma any further”. Not once did she reach out to me to find out if I was okay. She was much more concerned with how he was doing. So yeah…friends and stuff


This conversation is so painful! And it’s always the girls that make you think that you can trust them that will do that to you.


They they’re probably cozied up even now, still being each others support system. Meanwhile I can’t even go to the shopping centre because I’m so anxious and afraid that I’m going to run into one of them. But kulungile.

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