Nigerian Comedian AY Apologises to Davido over ‘Demeaning’ Joke

The Nigerian comedian AY Makun has apologized to Davido, the Afrobeats musician, for his “demeaning” remark at a recent comedy concert in Warri, Delta.

AY appeared to make a joke about Davido’s “manhood” while criticizing him for impregnating many ladies at the Warri Again performance on October 6.

He said what the singer did with ease with his “small pr*ck… took me 13 years”.

“It took me 13 years. Na hin this small Davido. Small pr*ck. Una know how Warri pr*ck be now. Warri pr*ck for 13 years, belle Don come. Na how I con dey hear sey Davido dey give belle belle. Small pr*ck dey give belle anyhow,” he said in pidgin English.

“Let me tell you why the thing pain me. If you dey find pikin you go know sey to give woman belle na work.”

The joke, however, triggered negative reactions among social media users; some of whom found it “demeaning and offensive”.

The comedian would later take to Instagram to tender an apology to the singer for making such “badly delivered” jokes.

He said he made a similar joke during his US tour but Davido “has every right to be angry”.

“I am so sorry for telling that joke the way it came out in Warri, I shouldn’t even call it a joke anymore. It wasn’t funny like it was during my tour of US and Canada, and you have every right to be angry after seeing how the blogs used it,” he said.

“Please know that it is always a learning experience for all of us in the entertainment business, I deserve any backlash or negative thoughts coming my way for the joke that was badly delivered in Warri. So, no excuses at all, my Aburo. No reason am. I remain your number one fan, and I love you, @davido”

Reacting to the post, Davido wrote: “Nothing spoil baba mi” — signaling that he had no worries with the comedian.

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