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Nigerian Singer, Dammy Krane Replies Davido For Calling Him Ungrateful

Dammy Krane has responded to Davido’s characterization of him as ungrateful following his charges of unpaid debts against the latter.


Dammy Krane resorted to Twitter earlier today to accuse Davido of owing him royalties. He also revealed a breakdown and what Davido said he owed him.


Davido quickly retaliated, alleging Dammy Krane owes him royalties for the verses he contributed to his song nine years ago.


After his initial tweet to Dammy Krane, Davido tweeted again, “The level of ungratefulness is alarming … lesson learnt.” 


Dammy Krane has responded, Davido. He said Davido included him on his song ‘Izzue,’ but he received nothing from the record’s proceeds.


Also responding to Davido’s accusation that he owes him money for housing and feeding him while he lived in his Atlanta home. Krane claimed that Davido persuaded him to stay at his residence because Sony Music had contacted him about signing him at the time.


He also accused Davido of blocking Sony Music from signing him. 

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