Elsewedy Family Foundation Aims to Train 20,000 Students in Egypt

Elsewedy Electric Foundation, led by the Egyptian billionaire family, has announced plans to prepare 20,000 students for the job market over the next four years. This program, through the Elsewedy Technical Academy, demonstrates the family’s dedication to increasing employability and minimizing skill gaps in Egypt.

Ahmed El-Sewedy, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Elsewedy Electric Foundation, highlighted the initiative’s strategic relevance. “Our mission is to ensure resilience to future changes while meeting the demands of employers,” Elsewedy said, highlighting the importance of aligning educational offers with labor market needs.

The Elsewedy Technical Academy, founded in 2011, aims to provide quality technical education that meets global standards. Notably, around 10% of graduates get jobs with Elsewedy Electric, demonstrating the efficiency of the training provided.

The Ministry of Education has expressed its support for the program, acknowledging its critical role in tackling Egypt’s skills gap. Over the last decade, the academy has grown its scope, opening four schools in several governorates and graduating over a thousand students, with 80 percent finding work.

Plans are ongoing to extend the academy’s reach to the Delta regions, supplementing its current sites in Cairo and Alexandria. The Elsewedy Technical Academy has been a non-profit organization from its founding, collaborating with major Egyptian and worldwide firms to provide innovative training programs.

The Elsewedy Electric Foundation’s dedication to developing technical education in Egypt is exemplified by its collaboration with industry experts to provide cutting-edge training options. This program comes at a critical moment when the demand for qualified workers is increasing, ensuring Egypt’s workforce remains competitive in the global market.

Elsewedy Electric, founded in 1938, is a major player in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry, with a strong presence in the Middle East and North Africa. The Elsewedy family’s 68.1 percent investment in the company, worth over $900 million, demonstrates their commitment to supporting economic development and human capital in Egypt.

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