Meet The Identical Twins Who Shook Up Spelman as Co-Valedictorians

Kirstie and Kristie Bronner made Spelman College history when they were chosen co-valedictorians in 2013. The identical twins both received a perfect 4.0 GPA, making them the first set of twins in the college’s long history to receive such an honor.

Following that, the sisters went on an academic path that introduced them to new opportunities. Following graduation, the Bronner sisters, who majored in music, decided to put their abilities and talents to use in their father’s church in Atlanta, where they rose to positions of leadership in the youth ministry.

According to their website, Elite 31, a mentoring program for girls based on Proverbs 31, was founded, a 9-month intensive experience aimed at equipping young ladies culturally, spiritually, professionally, and domestically.

The twins took their combined musical abilities to new heights while mentoring and educating young minds, producing a Christian CD that highlighted their religion and shared ideals.

Together, they also co-wrote the book “Double Vals: The Keys to Success in College and Life Beyond” in 2014 with the intention of sharing with a larger audience the knowledge and strategies that contributed to their academic success.

In addition, the two co-wrote the 2020 book “Bridging the Gap: What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew,” which gives advise from their parents on how to raise model teenagers as well as thoughts from young people Kirstie and Kristie have met and spoken with throughout their youth ministry careers.

To this day, the sisters attribute their success to a rigid study plan, good time management, and their unwavering faith.

Kirstie defined their academic mindset as accurately maximizing their study time and demonstrating a great devotion to their educational goals.

“People would ask us ‘Do you want to go do this or that on a weekday’ and the response was an automatic ‘no.’ We saved recreation for the weekend. Our philosophy was and is, pay now and play later,” she remarked, according to Shine My Crown.


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