Kenya: Raila Odinga Lacking In Vision, ODM MP Says

ralia odinga

Raila Odinga is lacking in vision to make Kenya better, an ODM MP says.

Ababu Namwamba says he is tired of ODM and is leaving the party thanks to Raila’s non performance.

He accuses the CORD leader of driving the Coalition down south.

“Raila forced me out of ODM thanks to his lack of visionary leadership,” he said.

“The country deserves new leadership. At the moment, there is nothing to show progress,” he added.

Ababu is popularizing his third force movement which he says is well received around the  country.

“Kenyans are thirsty for better, which we will offer in abundance,” he continued.

Ababu says he is also confident that he will keep his seat as Budalangi MP without being in ODM.

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