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Florida Rapper Key Vhani Charged With Murder

A Florida rapper is facing murder charges after security footage showed her reportedly shooting her manager in the middle of the street.


Kevhani Camilla Hicks, 27, known onstage as Key Vhani, was caught shooting her manager multiple times on Oct. 9 in Miami’s Wynwood district after he and another guy approached her on the street.



Hicks was seen stepping out of a white sedan with her manager before they appeared to get into an altercation and began beating each other, according to video acquired by NBC Miami.


Another man then emerged from a back entrance to join the struggle against Hicks.


Finally, the man and the manager threw Hicks to the ground and pinned her there.



Hicks moved away from the duo after they had left her, then turned and grabbed a revolver from her bag and fired fire.


Her manager fled to the ground and hid behind a car, but Hicks pursued him into the street, shooting until he was wounded on the ground.


At that point, the second man who had joined the manager in his assault on Hicks hopped into their car and drove away, driving into Hicks and seemingly running her over.


He then sped away in the car, leaving Hicks to stand and run down the sidewalk out of sight.


Officers on the scene discovered the manager with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital but subsequently died.


Hicks, who was hospitalized with blunt-force injuries, told investigators she shot in self-defense because she feared for her life.

“The defendant stated she was in fear due to the victim’s size and upon hearing the victim yell ‘I’ll kill you with one hit,'” a police report from the incident read, according to NBC Miami.



According to a GoFundMe page set up for Hicks by an apparent family member, the two males in the video “assaulted her multiple times.”


The rapper was arrested, but she is poised to be released after a judge recently granted her $50,000 bond and house arrest.


Hicks’ counsel described the incident as a “clear case of self-defense.”

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