US Man Explains Why His Restaurant Is Named ‘The Crackhouse’

A restaurant owner in Russellville, Arkansas, cleared the air after his eatery’s name – “The Crackhouse” – sparked controversy on social media. According to KATV, the argument over the restaurant’s name began after a Facebook advertisement outside the Russellville City Mall was shared.

The advertisement, which said, “Crack House Welcomes Tech Students Discount with Tech ID,” prompted some Facebook users to wonder if the eatery was offering narcotics to returning students. However, the restaurant’s owner, William Ford, claims that this is not the case.

“All I’m saying is I’m selling addicting food, that’s it,” Ford clarified. He also explained the genesis behind the recent controversy on social media. “How it started was, I had the maintenance man put on the marque to welcome the tech students back,” said Ford.

“Some guy jumped on there and said something is wrong with the community where they could put up ‘crack house’ and stuff like that.”

Ford began his business as a food truck in 2019 before recently acquiring mall space. He also stated that the reaction to his restaurant’s name is not unusual. A Russellville resident who talked with KATV also mentioned her initial reaction when she heard the name.

“When I first heard it, it was called the crack house. A restaurant named the crack house, okay? That is kind of funny,” Makayla Rollas said. Another resident, Anice Tedford, also said, “We did kind of go, ‘crack house? What is that?’ you know.”

Tedford also stated that she had tried the restaurant’s food and found it to be addictive. The meals served at the restaurant are referred to as crack-fish, crack-aroni, and crack-puppies.

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