The Beckhams Targeted By Deadly, Drug-Dealing’ Gang

The gang is reportedly linked to a string of murders and drug deals, Mail Online writes.

The Beckham abode was first attacked in October when David (43) and Victoria (44) travelled to Australia with their kids – Romeo 16yrs, Cruz 13yrs, and Harper 7yrs.

The second attack took place two weeks ago on 14 November. Fortunately, the family wasn’t at home.

Seven security guards and attack dogs, deployed after the first incident, scared off the intruders but according to Mirror Online, security arrangements are being reviewed again.

The gang is allegedly responsible for dozens of break-ins and has been linked to murders, extortion, and drug dealing over the past 30 years.

They can’t be named but are said to be based in West Country and operate across southern England, adds Express Digest.

CCTV footage shows three men using a ladder to look into the upstairs windows of the £6m (R108m) Oxfordshire house before they run from the scene. One man is clad in a hooded overall and balaclava while another’s face is partially hidden by a hat and scarf.

“David and Victoria are absolutely devastated by this. They’re extremely protective of their family and their home life so the thought that people would intrude on that is just so upsetting for them,” a source said.

“This has hit them hard. Victoria has been upset for the last couple of days about this, it’s been so tough for her. It’s frightening and dreadful to think someone would be intruding on their personal space.

“David hates the fact he has to have such high tech and extremely tight security around him. He’d love to be normal but his number one priority is to protect his wife, children, and wider family. He’s absolutely furious he now has to increase his security even more.”

No arrests have been made.

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