Kenya: Stop dreaming about reversing Devolution, Namwamba tells government

Orange Democratic Movement Secretary General Ababu Namwamba has said devolved functions will never be reverted to the national government.

Speaking in Nairobi on Thursday, Namwamba said Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia’s announcement that there is a consideration to revert health services to national government is a ‘big joke’.

“I want to tell the CS that even just imagining or contemplating taking back of devolved functions is an abomination,” Namwamba said.

According to Namwamba, the national government should be looking for ways to strengthen county governments and make them deliver on these services better instead of coming up with such considerations.

He also accused the Jubilee government of sabotaging county governments, following the remarks by the CS.

“The remarks by the CS clearly reveal the attitude of the national government towards devolution. The Jubilee administration has never fully embraced devolution right from the word go,” Namwamba said.

Commenting on health workers’ strikes in some counties, Namwamba again put the blame on national government for failing to give counties money meant for doctors and nurses’ salaries on time.

“The transfer of funds to pay health workers is delayed, but on the other hand, the national government pays its workers on time. This shows how the government is operating,” Namwamba said.

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