Kenya: Is our education standard sinking deeper, or are we?

There is a prevalent trend of graduates from universities and other higher education institutions to use casual language on social media. Sadly, they transfer this form of communication to professional writing. Sometimes, the grave errors indicate a lack of proper schooling or absolute ignorance.

As many people lash out at the education system, assigning blame on the institutions and tutors within, I feel that the individuals in question are at fault. The world is highly competitive and hence, skill advancement and self-betterment is essential at the individual level. In the job market, those who show hunger land the jobs. Hunger here defines a person determined to emerge the best through reading, writing, consulting and proofreading their work. I do not know, maybe it’s only me, but grammatical errors are offensive to the eye and mind. There is no excuse for grammatical errors. To write well, you ought to read a lot and always spell check your documents before submitting.

Earlier on in the week, I interacted with an employer, and he revealed how disappointed he was when he advertised slots for an internship at his company. All three applicants were graduates from recognized universities. What was most appalling were their resumes and application letters. The writings were marred by grave grammatical errors and lacked depth in terms of content.  In fact, the employer purported that one of the applicants used slang in the application letter body.

It is sad that most undergraduates feel complete and ready for the job market when they graduate. I know of many young people today who think they should get stuff on a silver platter just because they went to the university. I have met many people out here with no papers but perform exemplary. And it is not just the undergraduates, a majority of MBA theses documents would shock you. Maybe there is a need to emphasize that a degree is, at whatever level, only functional to understand the world but it is not the major key that will open doors for you. It is your attitude and determination towards work that will help you achieve your goals.

As observers advocate for an overhaul of the education system, I feel that this trend is generational and should, therefore, be addressed on this ground. Graduates need to step up and better themselves if they are to succeed in the job market and life as a whole. Parents need to shut down the Television for some time to create reading time and engagement in more constructive activities for their children. Learning institutions should also design programs that prepare graduates for today’s job market. I maintain my emphasis of individual development because, unfortunately, everything in life is about passion and if it lacks then it manifests itself in many other quarters.

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