South African Hospitalised After Panga Attack In Voting Queue

An African National Congress supporter was dragged out of a voting queue and set upon with a panga in the Pongolo municipality on Wednesday.

KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson for the ANC Mdumiseni Ntuli said that a group of voters, wearing ANC T-shirts, were waiting in the voting queue this afternoon when a man with a panga approached them and dragged one of them away.

The attacker was not wearing any party-specific clothing said Ntuli.

Once away from the voting queue, the man repeatedly hit the ANC supporter with the panga, said Ntuli.

The ANC did not at this point know what the reason behind the attack was.

“The information we received is that the man was hospitalised and was injured quite badly, but now we hear he is stable and is not as bad as we first thought,” Ntuli said.

He said that ANC leaders in the region, near the southern border of Swaziland, would be visiting the injured man later today.

“There have been no arrests yet, but we are hoping the community members who were there will help the police find the man who did this,” Ntuli said.

The spokesperson said they did not want incidents like this one to mar this election.

“We want this election to be free and fair for everybody. Everyone has a right to go and stand in a queue and vote and we don’t want anything to get in the way of that,” Ntuli said.

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