Rapper Blueface Advises Women to Stick With Their Cheating Partners

Blueface has said that every man cheats and he can guarantee it.


The American rapper said this during an interview on Rap TV.

“Let me break it down for you,” Blueface told the host. “Every man you’ve ever been with has cheated on you. Whether they are gonna tell you, whether you find out after, before whenever. They have stepped out of the relationship.

“Even the guy you with now. He’s cheating on you. I guarantee it. It’s just a manly thing.

“Men are hunters. We go hunt. We not gon’ tell you everything we knocked down, everything we hunted. Be realistic.”

He added that a man can cheat and still be loyal to his woman as long as he is providing.

He said: “I don’t think cheating and loyalty are in the same bracket. It’s a moment of vulnerability. I think loyalty is more of, ‘I’ma always make sure you straight, mentally, financially’.

“I could be with a b***h right now. If I make sure you straight, I consider that loyalty.”

After his interview went viral, he took to Twitter to advise women not to cheat back, instead they should be faithful until the man changes.

He wrote: “The answer is not to cheat back, lady’s the answer is to be as solid as possible to THE man that’s WORTH compromising for which will win him over emotionally you can get a man to stop cheating by making him FEEL/realize it’s not worth it but once upon a time he has cheated 100%.”

He added: “You fuck a 1000 men you a hoe I fuck a thousand women I’m player why would you try an compete with that by getting your lick back now that’s as dumb as me beating a bitch up and calling the police on her after.”

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