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Keke Palmer’s Mother Claims She “Feared” for Her Daughter’s Life While She Was Dating Darius Jackson

Sharon Palmer, Keke Palmer’s mother, claimed she “feared” for her famous daughter’s life while she was dating Darius Jackson.


Sharon made the remark while discussing an audio call in which she threatened to “put a bullet” in Jackson’s skull.


The 56-year-old high school teacher told Radar Online that she made the comment out of worry for Keke, 30.


“You will hear him being told to leave several times,” Sharon told the outlet. “The point where I am cussing came in after 2 mins of him refusing to leave.”


Sharon also accused Jackson of illegally recording their phone call, which in California requires consent.


The Nope singer’s mother went on to say that Jackson “doesn’t care about the law” and that “most abusers don’t care about the law.”


Sharon went on to say Jackson “would not leave” Keke’s house and “was not invited in.”


“I feared for her life,” Sharon insisted.


Keke Palmer recently received a restraining order against Jackson, as well as sole custody of their eight-month-old son, Leodis.


She claimed in civil court records that Darius abused her physically and emotionally.


According to TMZ, Sharon made the threat after the couple argued about custody of Leo on November 5, an incident that was mentioned in Keke’s restraining order request.


Darius went to pick up his son Leo to watch football last Sunday, Nov. 5, after notifying Keke of his plans via text message, but when he arrived, their son was not at her house.


This sparked an argument between Keke and Darius, and Sharon was finally drawn into the fray after Keke contacted her on the phone.


Sharon was put on speaker phone and allegedly began yelling and cursing Darius. She also threatened Darius with a bullet to the head, which intensified the situation.


Darius then allegedly attempted to take Keke’s phone. According to sources, this particular brawl was documented in photographs presented last week as part of Keke’s restraining order. The photographs show them engaged in a fight on a couch.


The restraining order also contained images from a previous incident in February 2022.


Insiders say Darius completely denies abusing the actress.


The exes will meet again in court at a hearing scheduled for December 5.

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