I Had Over 15 Accidents, 6 Police Cases In My Music Career – Ghanaian Rapper Turned Evangelist Reveals

Former rapper turned evangelist, Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo Kainya popularly known as Lord Kenya has recounted some distressing details of his early years as a hiplife artiste.

According to him, the uninspiring and rogue lifestyle he was involved in landed him in about six police cases and over 15 road accidents.

In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, monitored by GhanaWeb, he recounted that most of the accidents and discrepancies he was involved in were the results of the drugs he was hooked on.

While speaking on one of his hit songs ‘Driver Susu ko’, a road safety campaign song, he said “I made this song because of the rampant road accidents at the time which I had also experienced. I think in my career, I got more than 15 accidents…in the last accident…news even went around that I had died, that was when I decided to be more careful…”

Lord Kenya also admitted that even though he made the song to campaign for road safety, he never adhered to the message he put out.

As regards the six police cases he recounted; “there was one particular incident, I smoking in a car with a friend, he’s now dead, and police suddenly approached us…an altercation erupted and I ended up attacking the police man who had a gun. Unfortunately for us, he got back up and we were arrested,” he narrated.

Adding that he even went as far as destroying his father’s properties.

Lord Kenya also revealed that most of his friends who used to live similar lifestyles have all died

After serving Ghanaian music lovers with back-to-back secular hit songs, the veteran hiplife artiste has now become a man of God. He is now addressed as Evangelist Lord Kenya.


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