KFC Ghana Now Delivers Food to Weddings and Funerals; Ghanaians React

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Ghanaian locations have announced the addition of catering services for weddings and funerals.

KFC is a fast-food restaurant based in the United States that specializes on fried chicken. Colonel Harland Sanders founded it in 1930, and it now has over 20,000 locations in 145 countries.

People typically visit KFC locations to purchase products such as chicken burgers, finger snacks, and popcorn chicken, among others.

But in a recent announcement via X, the Ghanaian outlets of the fast-food chains said they are now open to delivering their products to wedding and funeral events.

“Introducing KFC Catering Services! 😍 Our catering services are perfect for adding a touch of deliciousness to your special events,” KFC Ghana wrote.

“We offer our delicious food options that can be delivered, picked up or catered at your parties, corporate events, weddings, and funerals. 🍗 🍟 🍔.”

The announcement has attracted mixed reactions from social media users in Ghana. While some users welcomed the development, others expressed their disapproval.

“Is the soul of colonel sanders aware kfc Ghana is offering catering services for events?” an X user wrote.

“Ah I just saw KFC catering services by KFC Ghana. The country make hard like that or that’s how it is in every country??” another X wrote.

“KFC start dey cater for weddings and funerals, I will never forgive you @NAkufoAddo,” Real Swimma wrote.

“It is either Fufu and palm nut soup, banku and okra soup, Jollof rice or KFC chicken. That is a tough choice 🤣,” Kobathedread1 wrote.

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