How To Turn Your Love Of Engineering Into A Popular Podcast

Do you have a passion for engineering? Whether this is your career or simply an industry that you are fascinated by, it is something that you will want to share with the world. Engineering is essential, and it shapes the world around us, so it is no surprise that it is of interest to so many people. One of the best ways that you can share your passion is to start your own engineering podcast. This can be great fun and one of the most engaging ways to show your interest. So, how can you turn your love of engineering into a popular podcast?

  • Listen To Other Engineering Podcasts

The first step should be to listen to the best-rated engineering podcasts and to make notes. Think about:

  • What do they do well?
  • What improvements could be made?
  • What content do they talk about?
  • What format do they use?


  • Topics

Of course, the key to any good podcast is interesting conversation about key topics. In the engineering world, this could include:

  • Industry news.
  • Interviews with key figures.
  • Personal projects.
  • The future of engineering.
  • Advice for aspiring engineers.


  • Showing Your Expertise

To set up a popular podcast, you will also need to attract listeners. One of the best ways to do this is to show your authority and talk about the latest technology/software which the listener may be thinking about buying. As an example, you could find equitable professional PCB software online and talk about how it can be used by an engineering firm to improve their design process.


  • Production

With so many high-quality podcasts out there, listeners now expect podcasts to be well-produced and, otherwise, they will not listen. This means that you need to invest in high-quality equipment and software and take your time with the editing. The more you record, the easier it will become.


  • Attracting Listeners

There are many engineering podcasts out there so you will want to find ways to make yours stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a plan for each show (this does not have to be a script, but it is good to have structure.)
  • Choose a good name and description for the podcast.
  • Keep the content varied with different segments.
  • Get your personality across (humor, anecdotes, comments on your personal life.)
  • Pay attention to listener statistics and reviews.
  • Encourage people to participate in a live chat.


  • Website & Social Media

It is also helpful to have a website and social media channels for your podcast. This will help to promote your podcast, provide extra information and allow you to directly engage with your listeners. You can also use your website to show your expertise in engineering with details about your background, work experience, an online portfolio, etc.

Podcasts are a brilliant way to share your passion with the world, and they can be great fun once you know how to produce high-quality, engaging shows. Follow the above advice to set up your own engineering podcast which will help you to get more out of your passion, share your expertise and connect with like-minded listeners.

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