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How To Source For Social Media Content

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, or whether you fill up your social media calendar months in advance or even post content on the move, you definitely need a steady source of content to post on social media. That, and really appealing content with an awesome presentation. And this is where a lot of social media marketers get stuck.

There are too many brand competitors out there giving out too much quality for you to simply go with just any kind of content or give up altogether. Whether you create your content yourself or you share it from another source, your audience is expecting visually stimulating content that is also original and isn’t too ‘sale-sy’.

We have put together some ways you can source original content and how you can fine-tune them to suit your message and the needs of your audience at any given time. But first, let’s understand what it takes to create or curate content and when to go with which.





Should your content marketing efforts consist of creating original content or can you mix in curated content as well? Is it even right to use content that isn’t created originally by you? The truth is that original content can be more time-consuming and expensive. This is especially true for businesses with a limited budget.

There’s no harm in finding time to create original content to share with your audience, but finding other content online, filtering out the good from the bad, and then curating it for your audience is absolutely acceptable. In fact, many successful social media marketers use content curation as a core part of their strategy, seeing as sourcing for good content to share positions you as an authority in your niche if you do it consistently and stick to pieces that are interesting, high-quality, and very useful.

If you have a lot of other areas of your business demanding your attention, you can simply outsource your social media services. There are lots of really good media firms ready to offer quality social media services to get your business in front of the right audience, increase your following and traffic, and ultimately get you more sales.

If you choose to create original content, here are some ideas you can build your post around;


1. Showcase your workspace

Give your audience a look behind the scenes. This would allow them to get to know your business and build the trust you need to turn them into a customer. Plus, they also get to see beyond the often ‘sale-sy’ personality they are so used to on your pages.


Tip: Instagram is a great tool for editing photos on your phone and posting them easily to your different social media channels, like Facebook or Twitter.

We recommend: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


2. Answer a question

There would always be customers trying to get familiar with your brand, products, or services, and some have the same questions but are yet to ask. You must also be answering questions from customers already. So, why not answer those questions on your pages so things are clearer. Pick one question and answer it today.



We Recommend: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn


3. Jump on a trend

People love to know more about hot trends and they would find you more interesting and easier to relate with if you hop on trends too. You can highlight your products or services or even your brand on your different social networks by simply connecting them to the latest trend online.



4. Post client feedback

People would do business with you only if they like you and trust you. One great way to build that trust and convince them to buy is to show real people using or talking about your products or services. This can be done in form of sharing reviews or customer feedback with your audience.



We recommend you post this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It can also be posted in video format for maximum results.


5. Post a riddle or this-or-that

Posts like these drive massive engagement. Why? Because people can’t just help it! Plus they are a lot more fun on social media. By doing this, you encourage customers to engage with your other posts and share their ideas.




6. Share someone else’s content

Sharing other brand’s content is one proven way to build relationships and position your business as a go-to for quality and helpful information.



7. Share some inspiration

We all need inspiration then and again. What inspires you? Go on and share with your audience. They would be grateful.


We recommend: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


8. Celebrate a client/ personality

Don’t just show your audience that people are talking about you; talk about your customers too! Every month, you can pick one special customer or supporter and celebrate them. You can also do so on their special day, and tag them while you’re at it.


We recommend: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


9. Share some tips

Yes! You do know a lot of tips or tricks that your audience would love. Write down a list of helpful tips related to a particular product or service you sell and share them with your audience.



Tip: It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business. You can share something about a local event or something you notice a lot of people do wrong.


10. Create a catchy product video

Creating and sharing videos is way more fun now, with the introduction of new features on social networks like reels on Instagram and Tik Tok. With a smartphone, you can take a quick video and automatically share it on any of your social handles. You can use Instagram’s video feature, or try Facebook Live to live-stream videos talking about your products or offers.


11. Correct a common misconception that relates to your industry

People love to learn and to be informed. They also love to stand out. Educating people about certain topics they have a wrong conception of,  is a powerful tool for building relationships online. This is an easy way to share your expertise and position yourself as a go-to source for knowledge.


We recommend doing this on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


12. Share your favorite book or playlist

Listened to some good music lately? Share it on social media. This is one great way to connect with fans and followers beyond talking about your products or selling your offers.



We recommend: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest


HOLD UP! That’s not all! We know you’re wondering where you can find curated content for social media as well. We’ve created a list for a consistent source of content to share on social media. Check them out here!

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