Google Denies Gmail is Shutting Down After Viral Hoax

Google has assured customers that Gmail will not be shut down, despite widespread social media hoaxes. A popular post erroneously claimed that the email service would be shut down in August, and it received over seven million views. Google refuted the rumour on the same platform.

Experts warn of the hazards of misinformation, using the episode as a clear example. Richard Bagnall of Carma underlines the need for better internet fact-checking tools.

While many social media sites battle with misinformation, X, formerly known as Twitter, has received particular criticism.

In 2023, the EU designated it as a major source of incorrect information. Despite efforts to curb hate speech, X remains committed to safeguarding free expression.

The BBC has contacted X for comment on this scam, which appears to be based on an actual email issued by Google in 2023. It informed users that access to Gmail’s most basic HTML view will be disabled.

The initial HTML interface was utilized when Gmail first started in 2004 and would be unfamiliar to most individuals who use the service today.

“We are reaching out to share an important update about Gmail,” the viral post states.

“After years of connecting millions worldwide, enabling seamless communication, and fostering countless connections, the journey of Gmail is coming to a close.”

Gmail is the world’s most popular email service, with over 1.5 billion active users globally, according to Statista.

And, despite firmly refuting the erroneous claims in the hoax communication, Google has shut down some services in recent years.

In 2023, Google discontinued its Stadia gaming service and its Snapchat-like YouTube Stories feature, and it began removing old and inactive Gmail accounts.

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