Pope Francis Celebrates Weekly Angelus Prayer Despite Mild Flu Symptoms

Pope Francis was healthy enough on Sunday to celebrate his weekly Angelus prayer from the Vatican window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, despite canceling his engagements the day before due to a little virus.

A terse notification from the Vatican press office on Saturday stated the 87-year-old pontiff was obliged to cancel a planned audience with the Roman deacons as a precautionary measure owing to a “mild, flu-like condition.”

On Sunday, Francis, who had to cancel some of his activities and one international trip owing to his deteriorating health in recent months, was in fine shape and said his Angelus prayer regularly, closing it with his usual salutes to the throng and a request for prayers.

In his speech, Francis remembered “with sorrow” the second anniversary of the outbreak of “a large-scale war in Ukraine.”

“So many victims, wounded, destruction, death, tears in a period that is becoming terribly long and whose end is not yet in sight,” stated the archbishop of Rome.

“It is a war that is not only devastating that region of Europe, but also unleashing a global wave of fear and hatred,” he said.

“I plead for that little bit of humanity to be found to create the conditions for a diplomatic solution in the search for a just and lasting peace.”

The Pope also prayed for the populations affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as “for so many war-torn people, and to concretely help those who suffer…Let us think of so much suffering, let us think of the wounded, innocent children.”

Francis also expressed concern about the escalation of violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s eastern region, joining “the bishops’ call to pray for peace, hoping for an end to the fighting and the search for a sincere and constructive dialogue,” as well as the “increasing frequency of kidnappings in Nigeria.”

At the end of the Angelus, Pope Francis raised the issue of climate change once more, stating he was “close to the people of Mongolia affected by a wave of intense cold that is causing serious humanitarian consequences”.

“This exceptional event is also indicative of climate change and its consequences. The climate issue is a global social concern that has a profound impact on the lives of many brothers and sisters, particularly the most vulnerable,” he said.


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