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Comedian Wayne Says He ‘Splurges’ on $200k in Child Support for His 10 Kids with 5 Baby Mamas

DeWayne Colley, also known as Kountry Wayne, is giving his fans an exclusive look into his personal life and how much it costs him to have ten children. The comedian claims to pay $200,000 in child support.

Wayne shared his experience on the Sherri Shepherd Show, saying that while he has accomplished a lot in the last year, his opulent basket isn’t all rosy.

According to People, he stated during the interview with Shepherd that his largest expenditure is child support, meaning that it eclipses any other excessive spending he may engage in.

Wayne stated that his monthly child support payment is a sizable $200,000, which he considers a regular financial commitment.

“…I splurge…more than child support? Because child support would be my biggest splurge,” he told Shepherd. “That called splurging? Because that’s every month,” he said.

“Ok, you splurge on child support? How much is your child support? Can I ask you that?” asked Shepherd.

“Yeah, my child support…Just my family costs me about 200 a month,” Wayne answered.

“200 dollars?” Shepherd asked. “200 thousand,” he explained.

“So I splurge on some things, cars and all that. I’ve got a million dollars worth of cars but ain’t nothing like that child support, where people with feet walk up on you,” the comedian said.

He also stated that, while child support is a substantial expense for him, he is committed to helping his children’s moms.

Wayne revealed that he has ten children from five different women. He is currently single after divorcing his wife, Gena Colley, in 2019.

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