Black Entrepreneurs Transforming Shipping Containers into Affordable Homes in US

MOBU Enterprises, founded by Jessica Lewis and Ibrahim Smith, is the first Black-owned firm to design disaster-resistant homes with sustainable construction practices. Their company is a pioneering shipping container enterprise known for its revolutionary affordable housing strategy.

MOBU Enterprises has proudly announced its partnership with An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC (AOAGWLLC) as its new public relations business. This collaborative relationship intends to increase MOBU’s industry footprint and demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving communities through green development.

Jessica adds, “AOAGWLLC is the ideal PR partner for business owners looking to increase brand visibility.” Throughout my due investigation, I was impressed by their industry credibility, proven workmanship, and dynamic internet presence.

Raquel Riley Thomas, Owner and CEO of An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to be working with MOBU Enterprises, a company that not only pioneers innovation in sustainable housing but also shares our commitment to making a positive impact on communities.” Together, we hope to create a narrative that represents their commitment to excellence and constructive change.”

MOBU Enterprises, which focuses on efficiency and innovation, has emerged as a prominent force in reshaping communities and reviving neighborhoods through its streamlined initiatives. The company’s extensive team of general contractors, engineers, and interior designers allows them to execute projects in less than 90 days, offering clients a one-stop shop for buildouts.

Their company is repurposing steel shipping containers that were formerly used for freight transport to build one-of-a-kind, sustainable houses. Customized interiors transform these containers into pleasant and modern living spaces, with unique structures often taking four to twelve weeks to build, demonstrating MOBU’s dedication to efficient and timely project delivery.

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