Media Mogul is Launching the Newest Black-Owned Brand of Cold Brew Coffee

Following a year of market testing and useful input, media mogul Philip Balonwu is expanding his company portfolio with the launch of Afrovibes Cold Brew Coffee in February 2024. He claims it will be the most cultural beverage in the world.


Philip, founder of Afrovibes TV & Radio, claims his cold brew coffee business is locally grown and bottled by a coffee sommelier. This ensures the best quality beans are used, creating the precise flavor profile that resonates with the community.


It is also made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring that you have enough energy to start the day. The relaunch in the first quarter of 2024 will include new tastes and an improved content experience, ushering in an exciting new chapter in the Afrovibes brand’s history.


A national tour has already been planned for cities such as Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, promising a tasty and content-rich coffee experience. Philip and his colleagues have lofty intentions to expand their reach by distributing to all major stores that sell coffee. Furthermore, they intend to extend distribution across several states in America, bringing Afrovibes Coffee’s distinct taste and cultural depth to a larger audience.

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