U.S.: MLK’s Dream Stars of the 60th Anniversary of the 1963 March

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on August 28, 1963, on poverty, segregation, and prejudice, as well as how the United States had broken its promise to Black Americans of equality.

However, when asked if America had fulfilled King’s dream sixty years ago, Martin Luther King III, King’s oldest son, stated that “we would be further.”

“It’s a totally different time for the 60th because really things have gone temporarily backward. Civility in the political space is temporarily lost,” King III said. “You have issues where hate and hostility and bigotry are at an all-time high. It may certainly exist in 1963, but it is metastasized to something that we are not familiar with.”

King III said that is why we need to constantly review and learn from our history.

“I want to see this mosaic of America that is saying in unison, I am the dream, and we going to work to do everything we can to ultimately realize the dream,” King III said.

Organizers hope to remind the public that the first march wasn’t simply about fantasizing about a country that lived up to its ideals of equality and the freedom to pursue happiness. They demanded legislative action back then, and they want it now.

According to the organizers, the existence of American democracy is at stake.

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