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Nigeria: Northern Youths Set Davido’s Banner on Fire over Controversial Music Video

Some enraged youngsters have come to the streets of Maiduguri, Borno’s capital, to protest Davido by setting fire to the Afrobeats star’s banner.

Over the weekend, Davido drew considerable criticism for the controversial song video of his newly signed singer Logos Olori.

Logos Olori released his debut single titled ‘Jaye Lo,’ along with a music video.

Shortly after the song’s release, Davido took to social media to promote a snippet from the visuals.

In the clip, some men dressed in white Jalabiya could be seen dancing in front of a mosque, instead of praying.

The video triggered a wave of criticism — with many Muslim devotees calling for it to be pulled down.

Although Davido removed the video on Monday, the musician seems to have enraged the youth by refusing to apologize.

In a now-viral video, some enraged youngsters can be seen lighting fire to Davido’s flag while a commentator hurls expletives at the singer.

“Davido, God will punish you. Davido we do not have anything that is better than Salah. Davido the way you have useless Salah, God will useless you. Davido, we are calling you to pull down the video,” a male voice could be heard in the background.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has previously requested that the Department of State Services (DSS) investigate Davido.

Logos Olori and Davido were charged by MURIC of having “no modicum of respect for the Islamic faith.”

The rights group also demanded that the video be banned by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

Davido and Logos Olori were given seven days to remove the video or suffer spiritual and legal ramifications from MURIC.

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