Tanzanian Passport Is Second Most Powerful in East Africa

Tanzania’s passport is the second most powerful travelling document in East Africa after Kenya, according to The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2017.

The country’s document, according to the index, enables a Tanzanian to travel 65 countries visa-free and is ranked at 75th position on the global travel freedom index. Kenya passport leads in the region as it can travel to 69 countries visa-free and was ranked at 68 positions globally.

Photo: Daily News

This means, according to the analysts, citizens of Kenya and Tanzania have the most travel freedom among East Africans, with visa-free access to 69 and 65 countries respectively.

The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2017, ranks each country and territory in the world by the number of countries that their citizens can travel to visa-free. Uganda passport was number three in EAC where its citizens could travel to 61 countries in the world without visa.

It was ranked at 75 slots globally. In Africa, Kenya was among top ten at number six while Tanzania in 11th position and Uganda 15th. Rwanda on other hand is fourth in EAC at where its passport could enter 51 destinations and ranked 85th position globally.

At fifth position was Burundi where its citizen could enter visa-free 44 nations and ranked 91th on global index. At the bottom in EAC is the young est nation in the world, South Sudan.

Juba’s passport could travel to 37 countries without visa and ranked 96th globally. South Sudan, according to the index, was on top of Sudan–ranked at position 97 traveling to 36 countries.

The number one strong traveling document in Africa was Seychelles where its citizens enjoy similar visafree traveling privilege as Europeans. Seychelles ranked 29 in the world and it passport was accepted visa-free to 137 countries.

The second in Africa was Mauritius at position 33 in the world, as its document accepted without visa in 131 nations. The third in Africa was South Africa ranked 55 while could travel to 98 countries.

SADC member states are dominating the list of top ten Africa where eight countries are in the top. Apart from three top countries in Africa to be frpom SADC bloc, Bostwana is in the 4th, position followed by Namibia on 5th, Lesotho and Malawi tied on 7th, and Swaziland at 9th position.

The bottom in the list in Africa was Somalia ranked 100 above Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. The global number one strong passport was Germany, where its citizens could travel to 176 countries visafree.

The second was Sweden document traveling 175 countries, followed by Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and United State at third position and their passports travel to 174 desitinations.

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