10 African Countries With The Lowest Food Inflation

High food inflation generates enormous challenges for individuals, communities, and entire nations, notably in Africa, which is a developing country. Conversely, low food prices help an economy to run more smoothly because people’s discretionary income is not spent exclusively on the most fundamental commodity. While many African countries struggle with food inflation, some have good to exceptional inflation rates.

Several African countries faced some form of food crisis in 2023. Given the continent’s domestic and foreign economic challenges, some regions had food shortages, either due to low local production or difficulty importing commodities.

Despite economic issues, numerous African countries were able to hold their own, reducing rising food prices. Although these countries appear to be few and far between, they have supplied a template for dealing with food shortages.

They also serve as a beacon of hope for the continent’s food insecure countries, with several boasting the world’s best food inflation index.

The World Bank’s Food Security Update study identifies ongoing trade obstacles, high transportation costs, currency depreciation, civil instability, and the Ukraine-Russia war as major reasons of inflation.

Addressing these issues is critical to resolving Africa’s food crisis. Having said that, these are the ten African countries with the lowest food inflation, according to the Food Security Update.

The majority of these countries have negative digit food inflation figures, which, although implying lower food prices, nevertheless have complicated economic implications.

RankCountryFood inflation% (January 2023)Food inflation% (current)
5.Burkina Faso10.9-1.1
6.Central African Republic16.6-0.9

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