Tortoise Haven Turns Into a Major Tourist Attraction in Kenya


Beautiful tortoises eat gracefully as they enjoy the peace and quiet of their surroundings in the isolated Kenyan hamlet of Mogotio.

A worker at this Tortoise farm is feeding the young reptiles as he prepares to rear them into mature Tortoises. Some of the tortoises were saved by the community, while others were brought in with shattered shells.

“Savannah Tortoise Farm is like a sanctuary, It has helped a lot of us in the village hence when we find stray tortoise, we bring it here,” said Franklin, Sang a resident from Mogotio.

“When we cultivate our crops, mainly beans and sweat potatoes, the tortoise used to come and destroy them,” said Sang.

Savannah Tortoise Farm is the idea of Samson Bungei, who has transformed it into a profitable business as well as a tourist attraction. The cash is earned through tourist fees and the sale of reptiles to people who have previously obtained government permits.

The economic impact of establishing this tortoise farm may be seen in the creation of jobs and the establishment of enterprises in this isolated location in Rift Valley.

The sanctuary has been in existence since 2020, and like any other business, it has had various problems, the most significant of which has been operational expenditures due to low business seasons.

The farm now houses over 200 tortoises, but the owner intends to expand the farm to accommodate more tortoises.

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