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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Victims Say There Were ”Destroyed” By Robbery Ahead Of Sentencing

With just hours remaining until rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine learns his fate in the drugs and weapons case against him, two victims of a robbery alleged to be orchestrated by the gang he belonged to are speaking out.

In victim impact statements filed in Manhattan Federal Court and obtained by E! News, former publicist Skyy Daniels and her then-assistant, whose name is redacted in the documents, recount the events of April 3, 2018 and the lasting effects it continue to has on their lives more than a year later.

“Once a thriving publicist, videographer, film editor, this violent event has set my life on the wrong course, and destroyed the normal adulthood that I was striving for,” the anonymous individual wrote in the statement.

Daniels and her assistant claim they were exiting a building in Midtown Manhattan together when they were held at gunpoint by a group of masked men, later identified as members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang. Tekashi, who previously detailed the robbery on the witness stand, filmed the incident from a nearby car. However, the intended victims of the robbery were actually members of Houston label Rap-A-Lot Records, rivals of Tekashi’s gang. Footage of the robbery taken by Tekashi was disseminated online.

“I was targeted by Tekashi69 but the whole thing was a sad case of mistaken identity,” Daniels stated, whose backpack full of “high-end personal items and several important business confidential hard drives” were taken during the robbery.

“As a result of this entire ordeal,” Daniels stated, “I have suffered greatly from mental anguish and emotional distress. So traumatized by this aftermath, that over a year later, I have had a difficult time getting past the incident suffering from what we believe is post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Daniels said she is “unable” to complete “simple” tasks, has lost her job and moved to Texas to “avoid the watchful eyes of Tekashi69’s network.”

“My entire career and my assistant and lifelong dreams were destroyed as a result of this horrific event,” she also wrote in the letter. “I have been struggling to get back on my feet. Financially, I was ruined, which has caused a great deal of stress. I need counseling but unable to afford it. Presently, I am on various anxiety medications and sleep aids. Sadly, I am unable to eat at times, unable to sleep, having nightmares, and has also been suffering from depression. [sic]”

Like Daniels, her assistant said they “became a recluse” following the robbery, adding in the statement, “I stopped working as a publicist, I minimized the amount of time I spent in public as I was still very scared for my life. I tried going to the police but no one would take my report. I felt I was being silenced and if that was the case, I would live silently. I would not do anything to draw extra attention to myself.”

“Everyday of my life I live in constant fear that someone (his goons/supporters/constituents) will be sent to finish the job. It hurts me so much,” the individual further stated.

The victim impact statements conclude with a plea: “How much is my life worth? How much was my assistant’s life worth? Did I deserve to die, hundreds of thousands of miles away from my grandchildren? I feel that Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi, is liable and should be held legally and monetarily responsible for emotional distress, damages, losses and so much more.”

Daniels’ former assistant wrote, “Please think about me and think about my life when you sentence this person. Why should this person, who nearly ended my life, be free when I am not free?”

In February, Tekashi (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) plead guilty to nine charges. He agreed to work with prosecutors and testify against other gang members in exchange for a possibly more lenient sentence.

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