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REVEALED: 10 Poorest States In Nigeria (9 are Northern states)

A survey carried out on the bureau’s website, disclosed the Nigerian states that have over 70% poverty rate.

According to Ireporterstv publication, Sokoto State remained the poorest state in Nigeria at the end of 2012, with a National Bureau Statistics, of 81.2% poverty rate.

Here are the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria

Sokoto – 81.2%

Katsina – 74.5%

Adamawa – 74.2%

Gombe – 74.2 %

Jigawa – 74.1%

Plateau – 74.1%

Ebonyi – 73.6%

Bauchi – 73%

Kebbi – 72%

Zamfara – 70.8%
However, Niger is the state with the lowest poverty rate which is 33.8%. It was followed by Osun (37.9%) and Ondo (45.7%). Bayelsa (47%) and Lagos (48.6%) have less than 50% poverty rate.

According to NBS, the national unemployment rate at the beginning of 2012 was 23.9%. Statistician-General Yemi Kale said that 112.519 million Nigerians (69%)lived in poverty conditions.

Zamfara State had the highest unemployment rate which is 42.6%. It was followed by Bauchi (41.4%). Other states that had above 30% unemployment rates include:

Gombe – 38.7%

Nassarawa – 36.5%

Jigawa – 35.9%

Edo – 35.2%

Adamawa – 33.8%

Kaduna – 30.3%

The survey concluded that the average poverty rate in the Northwest geopolitical zone is 71.4%, which remained the highest in the said area. It is followed by the Northeast region which has 69.1% and the North central region which has 60.7%. Poverty was least dominant in the Southwest (49.8%), South-South (55.5%), and South-East regions (59.5%).


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  1. Your analyisis was wrong compared with the realities on ground.Bayelsa is the poorest staste in the country.Why was it omitted.Go to the remote areas and see thaing for yourself.

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