Nothern Gaza’s Beit Lahia in Ruins as War Rages On

Tuesday saw an increase in regional tensions related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, with reports of explosions off the shores of Yemen and Egypt, as well as fatal US bombings in Iraq and strikes from Lebanon.

According to an AFP count based on official Israeli data, on October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented offensive against Israel from Gaza, killing roughly 1,140 persons, largely civilians.

About 250 hostages were also taken by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists; 105 of them have been freed, while several have been killed, including by friendly fire.

Israel, driven by a desire to destroy Hamas, has launched an unrelenting air and ground offensive that, according to the health ministry of the Hamas-run enclave, has killed at least 20,915 people, the majority of whom were women and children, and destroyed large swathes of Gaza.

On day 81 of the war, here are five key developments from the past 24 hours:

Fresh bombing

Despite growing international demand for a ceasefire, Israel continued its onslaught on Hamas.

The army claimed to have hit over 100 targets in a single day, including tunnel shafts, other infrastructure, and Hamas military locations in Khan Yunis in the south and center Jabalia.

The bodies of thirty victims killed in strikes were taken to Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, according to the Gaza health ministry.

West Bank violence 

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, there was also deadly violence in the occupied West Bank, when an Israeli army raid on the Fawwar refugee camp resulted in the deaths of two Palestinians.

Along with other members of her socialist party, top Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar was reportedly detained by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank.

Leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an arm of the Palestine Liberation Organization deemed “terrorist” by the US, Israel, and the EU, Jarrar is well-known.

Explosions off Yemen, Egypt coasts, Hezbollah 

Regional tensions have escalated because to the Gaza war, and on Tuesday, multiple incidents were recorded.

Off the coast of Yemen, where Iran-backed Huthi rebels have initiated strikes on commercial ships transiting the Red Sea in solidarity with Gaza, a British marine agency reported hearing explosions and seeing missiles.

However, no claim was made for the most recent strikes right away.

Additionally, explosions were reported by state-affiliated media off the coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

In addition, the Israeli army reported that nine troops were injured when an anti-tank missile fired by the Hezbollah, a group backed by Iran in Lebanon, struck a civilian who had been injured in a previous cross-border attack from Lebanon.

Deadly strikes in Iraq

One member of the security forces was killed by US airstrikes in Iraq that were directed against a pro-Iranian militia.

The United States has responded to several attacks against American and partner forces in the region since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict by routinely targeting locations used by Iran and its proxy forces in Iraq and Syria.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an organization that rejects US support for Israel, has claimed credit for the majority of the attacks.

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