Nigerian Actress, Kate Henshaw Slams Mothers Who Bleach The Skin Of Their Children

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Popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has taken to her social space to blast mothers who bleached the skin of their kids, claiming they don’t have a right to change the skin of their kids.

The movie veteran who doubles as a social activist for women and kids, slammed any beauty therapist who uses skin washing and bleaching procedures on kids, saying they have absolutely no right to choose skin complexion for them at such tender age.

“You do not bleach babies!!! There is nothing to glow in their bodies. You can boil any adult who submits themselves to you, but for goodness sake, leave babies out of this madness” she appealed.

Kate Henshaw’s appeal is coming on the heels of a video that was released recently, the video which is about a lady undergoing a skin transformation method involving a hot bath to wash away her colored skin has sparked serious conversations on social media.

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