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Nigeria: Grant My Divorce Request… Marriage Not By Force, Estranged Wife Begs Sina Rambo

Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of Sina ‘Rambo’ Adeleke has asked him to grant her a divorce.

In a series of Instagram posts on Sunday, Korth said the singer is to be held responsible if harm comes to her.

She expressed her desire for a peaceful divorce and co-parenting.

Korth said she does not feel compatible with the singer and wants to be free to experience the love she deserves.

She also urged the singer, who is also called Sina Rambo, to grant her the divorce and find a partner elsewhere.

“If anything happens hold Sina Rambo responsible o. Threat to life. Sina please divorce me in peace and let’s co-parent,” she wrote.

“We are not compatible and it’s clear. Please free me from your shackles.

“I want to be free and loved and validated the way I am supposed to be.

“Sina and family grant me my divorce and leave me alone!

“Go and find your missing rib because it’s not me! Free me!”

In another post, Korth said marriage is not compulsory.

She said once love is gone, there is no point in staying together.

“Marriage is not by force. When love is gone, it’s gone! Free me!” Korth wrote.

Sina and Korth tied the knot in October 2021.

The couple welcomed a daughter named Lola in May 2022.

Last December, their union began encountering difficulties after Korth accused Sina of abuse, which he denied.

In February, the singer shared that hinted at a possible reconciliation.

However, on June 8, Korth confirmed her divorce and expressed her intention to give her diamond ring to someone soon to be married.

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