Discipline And Control Your Wayward Sons First, Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe Told

Grace Mugabe’s Son

Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe – who now calls herself the mother of the nation – must show that she is a competent mum by disciplining her unruly sons, a war veterans’ leader has said.

“She can’t be a mother to 14 million Zimbabweans when she is failing to (control) just two sons,” national war veterans’ secretary general Victor Matemadanda said in an interview.

President Robert Mugabe’s wife, now fantastically powerful in government and the ruling party as her 93-year-old husband is weakened by age, routinely lectures and scolds vice presidents and cabinet ministers in public.

At a campaign rally staged in Chinhoyi this past weekend, local government minister and Zanu PF politburo member Saviour Kasukuwere was disparaged about his “big belly”.

She wasn’t done; the notoriously acerbic presidential spokesman George Charamba was left wordless and looking on sheepishly as he was also publicly humiliated by the first lady.

President Mugabe conveniently shut his eyes and dozed off during the drama which was broadcast live on national television.

However, while the “mother of the nation” publicly shames vice presidents and cabinet ministers, she has admitted struggling to control her wayward sons Robert Junior and Bellarmine Chatunga.

Grace recently revealed her pain over the issue, saying; “I have turned to God for wisdom.

“I ask the Lord for intervention and pray every day when I wake up.”

When Robert Junior was based in Dubai, President Mugabe and his wife would often rush there and rescue their son after some alleged scandalous conduct.

The first family was eventually forced to relocate the boys to South Africa where reports claim they were recently thrown out of their plush lodgings after a drunken brawl.

Grace missed the Masvingo stop of her husband’s campaign rally, with Mugabe revealing that she had rushed to South Africa to sort out new accommodation for her boys.


The war veterans’ secretary general challenged Grace to bring her sons to the rallies and public scold them as she does President Mugabe’s deputies and cabinet ministers.

“Let her bring her children to the rallies, and also humiliate the two boys. She must tell them stop it in front of other youths; then we say she is a strict disciplinarian,” Matemadanda said.

“She must stop being involved in issues that has nothing to do with her, her stake is just being married to President Mugabe.”

There is little love lost between the war veterans and the first family after the former fighters demanded that the aged Zanu PF leader steps down for his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa.

A furious Mugabe promptly engineered expulsion of the war veterans’ leadership from the ruling Zanu PF party and had them prosecuted on treason charges before the courts.

Mugabe however, failed to force the removal of Matemadanda and his colleagues from the helm of Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA).

Source : NewZimbbabwe

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